The Feathered Nest

The Adventures of Bloody Mary

I just picked up this season’s first case of Dirty Girl Produce’s amazing, dry farmed early girl tomatoes. I’ve mentioned them here before and to say I am obsessed is an understatement.

In those sad months between late November and July, as my stash of tomato-bacon jam, soup, and slow roasted tomatoes dwindled and then disappeared, I was left with nothing but tomato day dreams and plans for what to do with next year’s bounty. This is when I hit upon my current tomato plan: from scratch bloody mary mix. Here at Maison Bisson we are big fans of bloody mary’s; we call them “breakfast salads” and believe they are an excellent way to bring vegetables (and vodka) into the pre-noon hours.

I have found my mission. I must create the ultimate bloody mary mix. This will take time, tinkering, tenacity, and, of course, taste-testing. I believe I am equal to the task.

I just poured the first batch out of the blender and into cups of ice and vodka. They’ve been shaken and my lips are poised upon the straw.

This first batch is made of 6 early girl tomatoes, a clove of garlic, smoked-chili sea salt, parsley, green onion, a dash of Worchestire sauce, many dashes of Frank’s Hot Sauce, the juice of one lime, and a zealous grind of black pepper. I stuck this all my blender and then let her rip. The first sip is super tomato-y, which I like, but it needs more bite. I must procure horseradish immediately. I also want to replace the lime with lemon. I also think a dash or two of red-wine vinegar is in order. It also needs more garlic. Perfection eludes me. Oh geeze, I guess I’ll have to keep playing. Poor me.