The Feathered Nest

Give ‘Em The Birdie

In our NH home we were spoiled by having a wall-mounted bottle opener. In our SF rental that is not possible, but the need for a bottle opener is no less pressing. There are lots of tasty new brews to try and my husband is determined to sample them all.

I spent a rainy Sunday searching for the perfect bottle opener. I wanted something that could sit at the ready and look stylish. After much searching we decided on the Thirsty Birdie Bottle Opener I found at ModCloth. It is pictured above and is quite cute when it sits on the table, in fact if you don’t know it’s a bottle opener it just looks like a wee spot o’ art. I realize the selection of a bottle opener is not a decision that’s going to change the world, but it makes me smile and that has value.

Here are some of the others that were contenders:

We are really quite smitten with our new opener and now each bottle of hoppy goodness that is opened is referred to as a BBB (Bird Butt Beer). Sorry, we’re a bit odd.