The Feathered Nest

Poem #5

When you are younger most of your friends tend be your own age. They are people you meet in school, in dance class, or, as was often my case, when clothed in decades-old polyester and playing Sousa marches.

As you leave school and start interacting with the broader world, you begin to make friends of different ages. Some are younger, some are older. The younger ones help to remind you that life is exciting, there are  new adventures around every corner. Those who are older become guides, they help you to realizes the bumps, bruises, twists, and turns are all part of the journey. We will all stumple, but what matters is how we pick ourselves up and move on.

My friend, Sarah Lester, is such a role model. I hope I become half as wise, half as strong, and half as beautiful as she is. I’m not sure she always realizes how extraordinary she is; I hope this poem reminds her.

Thanks for the support, Sarah

True Classic

for Sarah Lester

by Sandee Bisson

An ideal woman

beauty that is enduring,

distinct and original,

utterly authentic.

A true friend

always ready to listen,

to give advice but not preach,

to  accept.

A joyous spirit

who embraces adventure,

joins in the dance,

tilts her head back and laughs.

A blueprint for how to live a good life.

To be strong and true,

to overcome obstacles,

to love when love challenges.

A glimpse of the future

the hope of what I might become

timeless grace and elegance,

wisdom and kindness.