The Feathered Nest

Poem #3

One of my favorite places in the world is the back porch of our friends Joe and Wendy’s barn. This is not just because the structure and the views are spectacular, they are, but because of the wonderful memories and traditions we have built with these two special people. I wanted to try to capture a bit of that in this poem. Thanks for the support Joe and Wen.

I did a fine job of butchering the meter of the sonnet. So I am calling it a so-so-nnet. What it lacks in skill, I hope it makes up for in sentiment.

The Barn

(For Joe and Wen)

by Sandee Bisson

Gracious porch welcomes with a smile.

Creaking glider and time worn chairs

beg you to stop and sit awhile;

take a break from worries and cares.

Snug in a valley, nestled by hills.

Talk is easy, practiced patter;

politics, books, and gossip spills

from mouths of friends, comfortable chatter.

Minutes pass quickly, hours go by.

Curl up in a cozy sweater,

daylight fades, pink clouds paint the sky.

Laugh as you place a Scrabble letter.

Together through life’s twists and bends,

Precious moments shared with dear friends.