The Feathered Nest

Poem #2

I received a generous pledge today from dear family friends, Mona and Bill Oullette. Corey and I grew up with their kids and Dyer kids in Maine and they are truly like family to us.

This poem is an attempt to show how special the bond is that our three families share.

Bonds Beyond Blood

(For Bill and Mona Oullette)

by Sandee Bisson

Initial meeting

something clicks

a friendship is formed.

Spouses meet.

New connections.

Meals and dreams are shared.

Children grow together.

Friendships flower into the next generation.

Physical distance grows.

Traditions are established.

Space is bridged

with time and effort.

Children grow and leave home.

Each new milestone celebrated.

Nests empty.

Years of hard work

begin to pay off.

Retirement hovers on the horizon.

A new freedom is gained.

Travels planned together.

New adventures sweetened by age.

Time together is easy

years woven together

forming a comforting warmth.

Bonds beyond blood.

Friends like family.