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A Fresh Start

Fresh Start Cocktail

"A Fresh Start" to celebrate the inauguration

I am excited about tomorrow’s inaugural. I feel proud and hopeful about the state of my country for the first time in a long time. I feel so hopeful that I decided to create a tribute beverage. (Ok – so I am always happy to create a tribute beverage.) I took some berries I had marinated in Grand Marnier  and a bit of maple syrup, leftover from Sunday’s breakfast, pureed and strained them. I chilled a couple of martini glasses. In my trusty shaker, I combined lemon vodka and and one of those lemon martini mixes you can get in the supermarket. Then I played. In one martini glass I spooned in the puree and then poured the lemon mixture on top. It mixed and formed the redish martini pictured. In the other glass I began by pouring in the lemon mixture and the dripped in drops of the berry puree. The blended martini was tastier. The unblended was more visually interesting. I ended up mixing-up  the second after we took the photos. I am trying to figure out if there is any symbolism in that.

Cheers! It’s a fresh start.