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The Adventures of Bloody Mary

I just picked up this season’s first case of Dirty Girl Produce’s amazing, dry farmed early girl tomatoes. I’ve mentioned them here before and to say I am obsessed is an understatement. In those sad months between late November and July, as my stash of tomato-bacon jam, soup, and slow roasted tomatoes dwindled and then […]

Axe Table

Chris Duffy of the so-called “Grimm design collective” designed this table around Little Red Cap. Web searches reveal nearly nothing about such a collective, but Duffy’s website features a number of other amusing tables.

New Kitchen Shelving

  I love my apartment. In a city like San Francisco, where the rental market has higher stakes than a professional poker game, you are often forced to settle for a place that has only few of the characteristics you want. Our apartment is nearly the perfect: great location, a parking space, great light, high […]

Cut Off

I am not allowed to buy new furniture for a very long time. Seriously, I am cut off. Since moving into our new place I’ve been splurging a bit too much. Our last new item arrived this week and now I forcing myself to abstain from all future purchases. However, I do want to share […]

Crab Shack

I place no credibility in astrology, unless it happens to happens to suit my purpose at the time, then I am happy to embrace my crabby ways. My limited knowledge of my astrological profile is laughable, but I do know that Cancers are supposed to be notorious nesters. Since this is very true of me, […]

Tomato Bliss

My mother and I have always shared a passion for August tomatoes. Those fresh-off-the-vine orbs of succulent red yumminess. A farm fresh tomato, at it’s peak of ripeness, simply tastes like summer. Now that I’ve moved San Francisco I am haunted by guilt. I have discovered tomato nirvana and my mother is not here to […]

Steamer Trunk Desk

  This steamer trunk desk at Restoration Hardware folds up and hides away in a sufficiently large room. Now I just need $3,500 and a sufficiently large room. This might work.

Give ‘Em The Birdie

In our NH home we were spoiled by having a wall-mounted bottle opener. In our SF rental that is not possible, but the need for a bottle opener is no less pressing. There are lots of tasty new brews to try and my husband is determined to sample them all. I spent a rainy Sunday […]

Grills For Urban Spaces

It’s the middle of March and very rainy, but our local supermarket already has a big display of charcoal and other grilling supplies. Now I want a grill. A bit of searching turned up a few good looking items. They’re all charcoal, and they at least all look compact and portable while being stylish enough […]

Poem #5

When you are younger most of your friends tend be your own age. They are people you meet in school, in dance class, or, as was often my case, when clothed in decades-old polyester and playing Sousa marches. As you leave school and start interacting with the broader world, you begin to make friends of […]